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"Looking at the chicks in the stands"

The office mood continues to be festive …

Yo, Circle, I'm reading Boswell and he quotes your crush Jesus Damon.


I'm breathless [Laughs]


Regarding Damon's and Kapler's recent boneheadedness on the base paths, Jesus says, We obviously aren't looking at the scoreboard a whole lot. We must be looking at the chicks in the stands.


That's it, next Fenway game I attend I'm pulling a Sharon Stone move from Basic Instinct.


Are you saying Jesus is Toxic?


[Sardonically reciting Ms. Spears lyrics] There’s no escape. I can’t wait. I need a hit. Baby, give me it. You’re dangerous. I’m lovin’ it.


[Makes goofy sound affect from the song]. Whee Ooooh Whee Whoo! [Laughs]


Can't I get that as my cell phone ring?



Man, read Boswell. That dude can f'ing write!

The Soxaholix are big Boswell fans.

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