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Good Day Sunshine

Coming off a great come from behind victory on Patriot's Day and a 3-1 series victory against the MFY…

Everything yesterday impressed me, especially the way Arroyo settled down. I like that kid.


Ah, he looks pretty average to me. Bronson A-A-A-Arroyo.


Yeah, that hanging curve ball that he leaves out over the plate 5 or 6 times a game is for real, too. You don't need a French literary theorist to convince you of the reality of Tejada teeing off on that meatball.


What the hell is up with Kapler?


Yeah, BDD is calling him "The Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Forgetting How Many Outs There Are Club" [Laughs]


At least he rectified himself by driving in the go ahead in the 8th off Stephen King's muse boy Flash. Kap said he just wanted to get his bat on the ball.


And what about A-Fraud? 1-17 in the series? Alex in Blunder Land. [Laughs]


Imagine being a man's wife for twenty years and then finding out that he pees sitting down? [Laughs]


Author's Notes:
Bill's man sitting down to pee speech from Letters to Wendy's 11-21-1996.


Fun site...too bad you're not generating a few more comments. If you're still looking for a good pic of Wonkette, check out the feature article from this past Sunday's NYT:


...definitely hot!

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