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Forgetting the past, condemnation and all that …

The hero, Curt Schilling, is delivered a mortal blow, giving up a grand slam to a weak hitting Toronto club and taking the loss…

I'm starting to get Franconaphobic …


Fuck the Bambino. This is becoming Curse of the Managers who don't know when to pull the ace.


Gump II. 37 year old pitcher, 123 pitches this early, Timlin and Williamson rested and ready to go. Gross stupidity.


This is what the old professor with the goatee meant by all neatness denied and ambiguity confirmed.


More like deja fucking vu all over again.


Forget the maple cheddah, pass the demerol


Dunkin' Donuts needs pain killers on the menu.


Yes, it is the next step for a so-called civilized culture.


The present is so full of pain, and it is where we keep finding ourselves. Don't tell me I want to run away from the present -- nothing could be further from the truth. When I am without pain killers -- that is when I hide, that is when I run away. [Laughs]


Author's Notes:
Bill's professor reference is to A. Bartlett Giamaitti. Doug's "pain killers on the menu" speech from Letters to Wendy's.


At least it's April! Grady made his mistake when there was no time to learn from it.

(Oh, and I think Schill is older than 7 :) )

Damn typos. Thanks for pointing out my error.

True about the learning curve...

to quote you yesterday, buck up. :-)

hey, don't tell me, tell Doug and Bill! :) I'm just the dude behind the curtain.

no, you said that in the comments yesterday also.

Damn. I'm cornered like a rat. :)

Oh second thought, my "buck up" was in reference to dealing with reporters/media who dredge up all the Curse stuff etc.

Meanwhile, this Franconaphobia is a completely different issue that you need to take up with Doug and or Mike in the strip. :)

(I'm going back behind my curtain.)

Is that John Dennis in the red tie? I knew there was somthing I didn't like about that guy.

hiding behind fictional characters.

sounds kinda like grady little blaming the "ghosts."

get back out here and fight like a man, rat!

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