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Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it

Just like last week, Tuesday night is a rain out …

Day, Night Double-header on Thursday


Ah, the enormity of the double-header: is it something we can really understand? The desire, this fan harking back to the old days of so many day/nights isn't at all practical.


It is too much for your A-D-D MTV addled brain? Laughs]


Yes. The double-header is too much for my baseball brain. To understand this -- to understand all at once that it's too much baseball to fit inside oneself -- is to restore oneself to Sense, which in its endless failure to consume the fullness of what is real, learns at least to respect it.


You're on the coffee and Demerol again I take it? [Laughs]


Did you know some say that Jesus, the O.G. one, did not wear his hair long?


Get the fuck out! Jumpin' Johnny Damon, that's blasphemy!


What fucking ever. Memo to blasphemers: Didn't you see the movie?[Laughs]


Right. Johnny Damon commandeth: The Kingdom is in center field! Hit a pop fly, I am there. Lift one to the warning track, I am there.


Author's Notes:
Doug's "enormity" speech is a derivation of a text passage in a letter dated Feb 23, 1997 from Letters to Wendy's.


i'm really going to have to read this letters to wendy's book.

and now brace yourself for some extreme geekitude:

i would respectfully submit that since the bible passage you quoted to back up j.c. having short hair is from corinthians, which was actually a letter written many, many years after his death by an apostle, it doesn't necessarily prove that j.c. had short hair.

whew. i'ma shut up now. good to get that out of my system, though.

"i'm really going to have to read this letters to wendy's book."

At the current rate I'm cribbing from that book, you won't have to, you'll get it all here :)

FWIW, when I was conceiving this blogstrip in my mind, I always envisioned one of the characters being one with the narrarative voice in Letter's to Wendy's except the general fascination in the fast food place would be supplanted by the Red Sox.

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