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Floating on air

After a great win over the Yankees behind knuckle baller Tim Wakefield, somewhere suburbia …

Bill at home:
I love that Yankees defense!


And on a speakerphone from a townhouse in Cambridge …

Tara at home:
I love everything this morning. Wakefield 7 strong fluttering innings and one earned run


Bill from home:
I do have one quibble …


Tara from home:
But of course you do, Bill, it's your modus operandi [Laughs] Do tell …


Bill from home:
How do you explain Francona's pitching changes, or lack thereof, last night? Wakefield was obviously toasted in the 7th. As we all know, you yank Wake when his control goes, not when he starts getting hit around or gets tired. He had obviously lost it in the 7th and got lucky with a few 78mph so-called fastballs. And Francona lets him stew?


Tara from home:
Relax, Bill. Next you'll be complaining about the grounds crew [Laughs]


Bill from home:
Well, I did notice during the post game wrap that the grounds crew was watering down the entire field, outfield as well, for the entire wrap-up which lasted about 10 minutes. I have no idea how long they were out there but doesn't that seem kind of odd considering all the rain we just had?


Tara from home:
Yeah, almost as odd as you obsessive behavior. [Laughter]


Author's Notes:
Bill's Francona complaint from "Denzera" and his grounds keeper observation from "HopeRunBaker" in a SoSH thread: SGC - NYY @ Bos Fight 1


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