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Dog Years

The Red Sox suffer a tough loss to the Orioles behind a mediocre Pedro …

I'm trying hard not to get down on Pedro. Anyone can have a bad start, right?


He's never been particularly strong in April even when he was the pitcher he was before he was labeled as "not the same pitcher he was before"…


And Mike Mussina's ERA is cruising along at 8.22 and I don't know one Yankees fan who's freaking out.


Still, I don't feel so hot. Le stress est son truc.


I hate sulking. Life is too long for that.


Don't you mean too short?


No, too long.


Ah, you're right. And each year as a Red Sox fan is like 7 years of being a regular fan. We are like dogs.


Speaking of dogs, BDD is getting the word out on the "BAL-CO" chant. I'm going to be hearing that in my head all day.


Author's Notes:
The life's too long idea comes from Dyer's novel Paris Trance


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