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Blog? What is Blog?

Lunch hour musings…

So I was poking around New York Yankees Fans dot com


Eeewwww! [Laughs]


You know, Sun Tzu, and shit … [Laughs] Anyway, they've got something called Bronx Blogger over there but all it appears to be is a series of rambling columns … no links out, no permalinks, nothing.


See the All Star ballot is out already?


What?! Already? We're barely into the season. This is like putting up the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.



Did you happen to catch the thread over at NYYFans.com where they're whining about anti-Yankee bias at ESPN? Absolutely hysterical, and interesting to note given our earlier dialogue about Fox's hammering away at the curse angle...

Jeez, I really have too much spare time...

I didn't see that, but that is interesting in light of what we've been discussing.

Do you have a direct link to thread? (Since you have all that spare time :)

Actually, MFY fans have a legitimate beef with ESPN, since they're going to be airing some kind of retahhhded show in which Catherine Crier (among the people I would pay to see run over by a Mack truck) serves as a judge at a mock trial of the MFYs to see if their payroll is too high.

At least, that's what Bob Numeier and Dale Arnold were saying the other day. And for the record they said it was both offensive and pathetic...

I think this is it: http%3a%2f%2fforums.nyyfans.com%2fshowthread.php%3fs%3df544a3c5d3492f8b7298d023308dc88f%26threadid%3d60884

By the way, Beth, that trial show was already on a couple weeks ago. I only saw about 5 minutes of it, but I thought it very amusing (and very appropriate) that Gotti Family lawyer Bruce Cutler was defending the MFYs. And seeing as they had run a mock trial on Pete Rose's HoF eligibility a while ago, it didn't strike me as anti-MFY bias as much as just a plain old ratings gimmick. Still thought the show was a dumb idea though...have no idea how the 'trial' ended.

Also should be noted that anti-Sox bias at ESPN has been claimed on occasion at SoSH...which I also don't see.

Oh, and Beth...I think your blog is great!

Oops...bad link. This should work:

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