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Best Sox Bullpen Ever?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees on Saturday in 12 and become the first team ever to win a game while going 0/19 with runners in scoring position. …

Bill from home:
Oh fer 19 with runners in scoring position but they still get the win?!?!? OK, Tara, question for your photographic memory… When did a team last score on Boston's pen?


Tara from home:
[On speaker phone] Against Foulke, in the 9th inning of a 5-1 game, due to defensive indifference.


Bill from home:
And before that?


Tara from home:
In the 11th inning of a game against the 5th starter pitching in an emergency.


Bill from home:
And before that?


Tara from home:
Against Timlin vs. Toronto on home opening day.


Bill from home:
Jumpin' Jesus or rather Jumpin' Johnny Damon, that's awesome. [Sound of knocking on wood.] See you at the pub at one?


Tara from home:
Can't. I have to take my moms on some errands. May drop by late. I'll be tracking the game on the Treo.


Author's Notes:
Bullpen info from Sons of Sam Horn (but I can't find the thread I got it from.)



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